Instant Messenger Loyalty Apps as a Service for Media Companies


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Natteria exactly offer?

We develop a mobile app for your company (your name, icon, design) that includes on first tab your mobile website and is as well a full functional instant messenger connected to all other Natteria apps. We are the publisher of the app and place it on the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android) and take care of all updates and operations of the app.

What are the advantages of joining Natteria?

This app additionally improves your customers' loyalty and the visibility of your business to search engines and hence to your customers and prospects, even if you already should have a mobile app. Instant messengers are among most popular apps worldwide and users share preferably their interests through them using more than just one messenger at a time. Offer to your customers content that matters and excites while they additionally enjoy the possibilities of instant communication.
This will have a positive impact on your brand and thereby also your revenue.

What are the costs for us?

There is only low one time setup fee for iOS and an equal one for Android. The early bird price is 1,000 USD per operating system. No recurrent operating costs. You are responsible for the mobile responsive website embedded in the app and the marketing of the app.

Do the users can only communicate within the app itself?

No, and that’s great! Natteria’s apps are not isolated, so users of your app might also connect and communicate with any other users from any other Natteria apps.

Can we see how such app looks like live?

Yes, the iOS version is available at the App Store (Android version in the course of the year). Please install it and try it out with your colleagues or friends who are in your phonebook and have also installed the app.
When you decide to join us, we will ask you for your company’s assets (app icons, graphics, app stores texts etc.) in order to launch the app within a fairly short time.

With what companies do you cooperate currently?

We offer this service preferable to media companies at the moment. It means printed newspapers (circulation 50k+), TV and radio stations.

Do we sign a contract?

Yes, a simply agreement stating the purpose of the cooperation and defining the rights and obligations of both parties, no restrictive clauses. Contract is valid for an indefinite time, minimal duration is one year, can be after that time terminated annually.

The costs of development but mainly the operations of an instant messenger are extremely high - how do you finance it?

We have placed few small advertisements within the app at no critical tabs; no interstitials or any other similar invasive formats. There are no ads at all in the chat views of the app.

Is it possible to offer the apps with no advertisement at all?

It will be definitely possible sometime in the near future to select such plan. You will then cover the entire costs of operations (data transfer and storage, push messages, backups, updates, etc.).

Is your IT infrastructure solid enough for high instant messaging loads?

Yes; we are aware of the challenge of instant communication with thousands or even millions requests within a short period of time and decided for that reason to rely on Facebook’s in this matter. A 100% uptime can never be guaranteed, but we assume a very stable technical infrastructure.

Will the app be continuously developed?

Definitely yes. We’re planning new exciting features like e.g. calling within the app itself.

Will we have access to a backend?

We plan it for the future to offer you such backend with enhanced insights and communication features. You can now let us embed for you e.g. Google Analytics to see how your apps are being used.

What about the source code and user data?

The source code remains with us only, it contains among others the access keys to the backend of all Natteria apps and we must not share it with third parties. We ask users in order to avoid spam and fraud to identify themselves while the registration process with their mobile phone numbers, this data is either not being shared with any third party.

How can we start? Any other questions?

Please start a non-binding inquiry below, send an e-mail to partners(at) or leave your contact information by calling +1-650-2930748.

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